About Susan

Susan Thompson is the creator and designer of Whimsy Daisy Designs and has a love of unique and thoughtfully designed décor. Susan has always had a love of all forms of art and décor and has followed her passion and turn it into her dream business.

Every linen tea towel, decorative throw pillow and handmade wood sign and décor are all thoughtfully designed and lovingly handcrafted. No detail is left out. Each handmade product is made to bring joy and happiness and to add a touch of whimsy to your home every day.

It was quickly discovered that one of Daisy’s quirks was her love of fabric!

Countless times when the family would come home, they would discover Daisy’s handiwork. Small, medium and large sized holes would grace blankets, throws, pillows and basically anything made of fabric. Rather than replace everything, Susan taught herself to sew. When a pillow was beyond repair, she learned how to sew a new cover. This sparked an interest and love of beautiful fabrics. Soon Susan was sewing not only throw pillows for her home, but custom made curtains, blankets and when her twin boys arrived, baby and toy organization items.

Few years later, Whimsy Daisy Designs was born...

Friends and family would always encourage Susan to turn her passion into a dream and so Whimsy Daisy Designs was born. Grateful for that beautiful and gentle Daisy dog that came into her life, she could think of no better way than to thank her for the gift of her loyalty and being the reason behind her learning sewing, by naming her business after the dog that was full of Whimsy and love herself.