The mixing of paint and applying even and smooth brush strokes is an act of relaxation for me. It’s my self care.

Creativity is not my passion. It is who I am!

My goal when I create is to craft pieces that are not just beautiful but also useful when possible. I want my pieces to suit all décor styles and tastes and that will be used for years to come.

I love home décor and how easy it is to transform a space with a new set of curtains, a few throw pillows and a new piece of wall art.

When I see the work of fellow artisans, I often imagine them in their studios. Love, joy and passion spilling into each piece they create. I wonder what inspires them. How do they come up with their designs? I’m so curious how a piece comes to life from the initial concept to the finished product.

My inspiration comes from many places....

Eco-friendly Material

The paint that I choose to use for my painted pieces is non VOC clay based paint from Vancouver Island. I always aim to support local suppliers when I can. The paint colours I use are mostly neutral colours that will look great in any home.

I love experimenting with different finishing techniques that include layering, distressing and using various finishes such as clear coats and coloured waxes.

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Is there such a thing as too many pillows?

I enjoy connecting with people and the main way that I do that is through chatting with those who visit my booth at markets. I love helping them to pick out the perfect gift for a friend or to help them find pillows to go on their new couch or even discussing whether there is such a thing as too many pillow.

This connection often gives me inspiration for new ideas and is integral to my business and my work as an artisan.

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